Don’t hire heroes, please.

Product Hunt is a fast-rising website for discovering new products and services, both digital and physical, highly recommended: today I stumbled upon “InHiro“, a web service helping companies during the recruitment and hiring phases.

It’s all good and well: for a number of reasons recruiting is a broken process for many industries and companies. It really begs for improvements and I look forward to these new services and fresh approaches about how to improve the hiring process.

The tagline for InHiro, though, didn’t really impress me:

“Helping companies find heroes”

This is extremely wrong.

In just four words, that tagline sums up the worst side of our industry. It sustains the idea that extreme individualism is valued over teamwork. It sustains the idea that we are saving the world — in case you may have doubts: we are not 1. It sustains the idea that the only people you’re interested in are idealised outliers.

All of these goes against common sense and statistics: “heroes” are rare and often work alone, when you hire for a role you always have to come to terms with demand & supply curves. What most companies have to focus on while building or improving a team is chemistry, balance and compromise. They don’t wait until a unicorn appear on their radars.

If you consider your hires as “heroes”, relying on someone to “save the day” on a consistent basis, your company has a lot of problems to solve before being able to attract valuable prospects, as they don’t fall in the trap of click-baiting job offers.

  1. Some of us may be working on something making the world a bit of a better place, but technically speaking, nobody is saving the world out there