It’s not a product, it’s a campaign

via The Oatmeal, as seen on Facebook

Sometimes Kickstarter projects get too much hype. We went as far as having parodied campaigns, just for the sake of having a good laugh.

I found myself thinking that funding a project is similar to supporting a political party.

As it happens for political parties, you get a sort of thrill for supporting this or that candidate.
That thrill is almost never proportional to the real chances that the candidate has to win.

And even if he or she could get elected and so being the winner, it may be that the execution of his or her program may not reflect the one you voted for.

Politics is about compromise.
So is product development.

In a campaign, you’re a supporter, a voter, a believer. Strictly speaking, not a customer.
Yes, there’s money involved in funding (lots of money involved in politics too), but it’s telling that Kickstarter never speaks about “products”, but of “projects”, and “campaigns”.

So, cool off if you dream product will be shipped with a year or two of delay: what most people are paying for is to be recognised as part of a tribe, not for the chance to argue with customer service.