Minimum Viable Blog

I haven’t been writing on a “real” blog since 2008. During the last five years my updates have been lost and scattered around various social networks.

Like many early adopters, my needs are counter-cyclical: we get sick and tired of things that are being massively used because we used it before.

Last year I dropped Foursquare, and I’ve been barely using Twitter and Facebook for quite a long time. For reasons that remain unknown the only platform that I continue to use steadily, despite being aboard since 2007, is Tumblr — ok, you got me: cats, and, well, “the other thing”.

Getting back at blogging is something I’ve been struggling with for many years. It requires a bit of planning and thinking, especially if you decide to write in language that is not your native one. It requires choosing a platform. It requires willingness to tinker again with HTML and CSS — and, oh my, WordPress what have you become?

Being a product designer I decided to apply a kind of minimum viable product philosophy to my own blog. A bare-bones theme, huge typography, a few central topics. For a while there will be no social features, no archives, no search. Possibly, I’ll never turn on comments.

So I’m back at blogging in 2013, you can follow the updates through an old-fashioned RSS feed or my Twitter profile.

It’s a raw and humble beginning, I know, but I lost too much time looking for a polished start that never happened.

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