Minimum viable everything

So, I failed badly at my attempt of getting back to writing on a blog. 14 posts in almost a year isn’t bad in terms of my desired volume, but the quality of my writing isn’t getting better just because I decide to write less.

It may be the case that writing more will lead to better writing – nope, “less is more” won’t work here.

It turns out I didn’t really know what I was talking about when I was considering this a “minimum viable blog”.

Now that I actually know what MVP means, because I finally found the time to read The Lean Startup 1, I know where, why, how I failed.

Just as I avoided to read that book because I was sick about the startup frenzy 2, I avoided taking the time to write more because I was self-convincing myself that simply not writing was going to give me the inspiration to think more about what to writ.

Technically speaking, I failed because I didn’t shipped, I didn’t learn, I didn’t measure,  so I’m looking forward to fix that.

  1. I also read the excellent Lean UX. And I’ll be reading Lean Analytics soon. 
  2. I missed the great opportunity to understand sooner that, with the scientific approach described by Eric Ries, almost everything can be a startup