Foam brick minus

“Even the new pull-to-refresh sucks, it’s just a spinning wheel” — Yours truly

Maybe a spinning wheel is all that you need. And tomorrow it will be just a blinking, one-pixel line. And the day after tomorrow, pull-to-refresh will be so universally accepted that it won’t need any kind of feedback at all.

My first, very un-professional reaction to the new iOS 7 Home screen was: it sucks. Frank Chimero wrote a lot better why it sucks.

Every work that involves subtraction upsets the status quo.
For me, not a long-time Apple user, it’s been the moment in which I realized I’ve become one of those “the more, the better, less sucks” people.

iOS 7 is far from being perfect – as any kind of shift proposed (or, better, imposed) by Apple, there’s an initial, raw breakout point followed by constant improvements.

iOS 7 is less.

And if the overall tendency of user interfaces is toward simplicity it can only be for the better.