Surface: a netbook’s screen

Yours truly, appropriately squared.

They say that sometimes the first impression is the right one.

My very first comment on the Microsoft’s Surface once I picked it up from my desk was: “It’s a netbook’s screen”

There are a series of design “flaws”* that suggest that the device is not build for mobile use in mind:

  • the device is referred as “PC” throughout the entire OS. Words are important;
  • the 16:9 screen ratio is extremely annoying for someone used to other kind of screens (smartphones, iPads or other non-16:9 Android tablets);
  • the 16:9 screen ration also mean “use it just in landscape mode, please”;
  • the RT version weigh as much as an iPad, the Pro version 900 grams (so, Pros stay at the desk all day long);
  • the Home/Start physical button on the front: it wakes up the device, it’s a “Back” button but you just go back to the previous screen with no navigation history whatsoever, it lets you switch from Metro UI to Desktop UI, and who knows what else it can do;
  • Software updates, yes: you’ll discover that there are software updates now and then. It happened almost every time I turned the device down, slowing both the shut down process and the subsequent restart. Again, it behaves as a normal Windows PC also in this annoying aspect.

* Microsoft should trademark “It’s not a flaw, it’s a feature”, because I’m having a really hard time calling this device “a tablet”.